Bringing Bolt 

Drivers more

Our team has been working with a new partner to offer you cashless transactions with your cash clients. This means accepting money via your mobile device straight to your bank account.


What this means for you

It means less cash risk in your car, but immediate cash in your pocket, which you can withdraw whenever you need it.

Another chance to make money

Plus, this new opportunity will allow you to make a bit of extra cash in your car when your riders sign-up for this offer as well. 


It’s called a referral fee, and it means more moola for you.



Your privacy matters

Because of privacy laws, we can only tell you about the details of this offer if you sign-up below. Once you have completed the form below, you will be taken to a page with details about our cashless payment system.

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*If you complete this form, you are agreeing to hear about this and other interesting offers Bolt is bringing to you.


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